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The City of Dreams in Macau's Cotai Strip

While the phrase City of Dreams has been used before, when it comes to the casino and resort known as the City of Dreams in Macau, you can really appreciate why it is called that. It was built in an area of the world that is quickly becoming known as the Las Vegas of the East. Like the real Las Vegas, the Cotai Strip has developers trying to outdo each other, building bigger and more grand buildings. This is where the City of Dreams comes in. It was built across the street from Venetian Macao, one of the first casinos and resorts to open up on the Cotai Strip.

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Will Vegas Become the Macau of the West?

Macau, has become known Vegas or Monte Carlo of the East.  It has grown so quickly that it has prompted some to consider that in a few years Las Vegas may become known as the "Macau of the west". Macau's first mega hotel and casino the Venetian Macao opened in 2007. Macau very quickly overtook the gaming revenues of the Las Vegas Strip. It was reported that in 2012 Macau's gaming revenues had already climbed to US $38 billion, completely eclipsing Las Vegas' gaming revenues for the same year of approximately $10.8 billion. 

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Helpful Travel Tips To Book A Hotel

Whether you're travelling alone or with your family in tow you're often in unfamiliar territory.  Be a smart traveler and study up on some of your destination's norms and conventions. A bit of working local education will go a long way to make your journey more safe and enjoyable.  You may even avoid personal embarrassment or humiliation. Or worse yet, if you don't know the local or regional customs you could insult someone unintentionally and not even realize what you have done or why you are being treated poorly by your hosts.  We've scrubbed the web for the best and most helpful travel tips and ideas and assembled them with a smattering of our own to help you make the most of your holiday or vacation away from home!

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Where to Book A Cheap Macau Hotel Room Deal

Hotels In Macau offers Cheap Hotel Deals that are updated real-time. If you are travelling to Macau, any of these destinations below are within a short commute by car or ferry and may serve as an ideal accommodation point to explore the Hong Kong and Macau area.  If you are planning a trip and need to book a hotel or find an accomodation cheap, be sure to bookmark this page and stop by frequently as you prepare to finalize your travel plans to Macau or the Cotai Strip and get a cheap hotel deal.  We have special rates available in these cities and our hotel room inventory and availability is generally very good.  You'll be able to find a room in a 3 to 5 star hotel at the best hotel deal, and if you're travelling at the last minute you'll often be able to get a hotel with an even more affordable rate.

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Cotai Strip: The Las Vegas of the East

While you may not have heard of the Cotai Strip yet, chances are high that you would have if you didn’t stumble on this article. The fact is that the Cotai Strip, reclaimed land between Coloane and Taipa islands, is quickly becoming known as the Las Vegas of the East.  One of the reasons is because one of the biggest investors in the area is Las Vegas Sands, which has already opened several casinos and resorts on the strip. They’re making sure that the Cotai Strip has all the excitement and energy as the Las Vegas Strip in the United States, even though it’s halfway around the world in Macau, which was integrated with China about a decade ago.

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Hong-Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge Construction

Macau is the only place in china where it is legal to gamble. The prospect to win millions attracts both the Chinese and international tourists into the 33 casinos in the city. In order to guarantee even faster access into Macau, the second longest bridge in the world is currently under construction. The Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge is a 50km above and below ground transportation connection to the 3 major cities of Hong Kong, Macau, and Zhuhui.  The project began in 2009 and is expected to be complete in 2015 with an opening anticipated in 2016.  When complete, a trip into Macau will take only 30 minutes, down from 4.5 hours by car. With the ferry the same trip currently takes about an hour.

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Macau and Cotai Casino Operators

Prior to 2002, gambling in Macau was controlled by one person, Stanley Ho. In 2002, the government of Macau broke up Stanley Ho’s casino monopoly and awarded three valuable gambling concessions (licenses) from a pool of 21 applicants. Stanley Ho (SJM) was awarded one license, and two new entrants received concessions – Galaxy Entertainment and Wynn Resorts. Galaxy Entertainment had been working closely with Las Vegas Sands to jointly develop casino resorts in Cotai. However, Galaxy Entertainment and Las Vegas Sands had different visions and could not come to agreement on plans, so the government awarded Las Vegas Sands a sub-concession license so the company could pursue its development vision. To be fair, the government also awarded sub-concession licenses to Ho and Wynn. So SJM granted Stanley Ho’s daughter, Pansy Ho (who teamed up with MGM Mirage to form MGM Grand Paradise), its sub-concession license, and Wynn Resorts went on to sell its sub-concession license to Melco PBL (a joint venture between Stanley Ho’s son and Australia’s PBL) for a whopping US$900 million. Read more about the history of gaming and casino operation in Macau in the A.G. Burnett Testimony before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission here. 

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History of Macau, Cotai, and the Cotai Strip

The territory of Macau (Macao) is one of China’s two Special Administrative Regions (Hong Kong is the other). Macau had been ruled by Portugal for over 300 years, until 1999 when the territory was handed over to China. Macau has a small population of only 500,000 people. As small as Macau’s population is however, the land in Macau is even smaller, which is why Macau is the second most densely populated country in the world.

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Experience Macau's Cultural Renaissance

Destinations change and Macau China, the former Portuguese colony off the south coast of China, is undergoing a dramatic renaissance. Its colonial buildings have been restored; Numerous Las Vegas style casinos with entertainment as their primary focus have been recently constructed along with 4 and 5 star luxury hotels in Macau. Fisherman's Wharf, a new development that combines shopping, entertainment, restaurants, convention and water sports facilities, is giving Macau tourism a new lease on life. With a unique and blend Portuguese and Chinese influences, the small territory of Macau is ready to show off to tourists from every corner of the world. It’s an excellent time to plan a trip to Macau.

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Take a Trip to Nearby Tsim Sha Tsui

Next to Macau, Tsim Sha Tsui (referred to as the locals as "TST") stands out as one of the most well-known areas of Hong Kong. Tsim Sha Tsui is an outstanding place to visit if you are travelling to the Hong Kong or Macau area. Tsim Sha Tsui is across Victoria Harbour from Hong Kong and provides some of the most exceptional views of the Hong Kong skyline available. There's no lack of entertainment from morning to evening or after sunset to well into the late hours of the night. Tsim Sha Tsui luxury hotels provide exceptional hospitality and customer service. The accommodation of the luxury hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui is robust and warm, meaning that the traveler will experience all types of conveniences with numerous onsite facilities like health spas, a health club, babysitting or day-care, covered car parking, indoor and outdoor pools, nice large onsite lounge areas, 5 star restaurants, tennis courts, and much more.

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Put Macau's City Of Dreams On Your Bucket List

There used to be a single man who monopolized the success of Macau until he was forced to share the wealth of the city in year 2002. Stanley Ho established the entertainment and gambling empire of Macau for nearly 42 years. To this date, he still continues to embark on massive projects when it comes to the latest and most exciting additions to Macau, one of which is the City of Dreams. Undoubtedly, this exciting entertainment hub evokes nothing but feelings of complete awe.

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Venetian Macao; The 8th Wonder of the World?

The Venetian Macao is truly the centerpiece of Macau’s new casino development that has the world’s attention as the Orients’ undisputed casino gaming destination. The Venetian is conveniently located near the Macau International Airport, the Ferry Terminal as well as the main Chinese border crossing. This magnificent hotel is possibly the eighth wonder of the world. With its more than 600,000 square feet of floor space for the casino area, almost 1000 gaming tables, and over 3,000 slot machines, it has some wondering, could this be the eighth Wonder of the Modern World?.

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Macau Gambling Compared to Las Vegas

Macau has played a unique and influential role in the relations of China and the West, particularly during the late 16th until the 19th Century. Macau used to be a colony of Portugal, thus the European nation’s heavy influence on the city’s culture. One particular aspect where the Portuguese had influenced the city is in gambling. Today, the city has legalized casinos and gambling in Macau. Hotels in Macau and world class casinos have sprung up "overnight". In fact, Macau has already surpassed Las Vegas, Nevada as the premium gambling destination in the world.

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Macau’s Cuisine Makes It Recognizable Worldwide

Macau was under the rule of Portugal until 1999 and as a result, developed by intermingling diverse cultures. The multiple strands of culture are evident in Macau’s architecture, art, music, dance, dress, and of course, its cuisine. Macau’s cuisine is rich and diverse, as is apparent in the great number of restaurants in the city. The most challenging aspect of eating and drinking in Macau is the large number and excellent array of dining options.

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Macau; Where Old World and New Converge

Macau is a real Asian destination that is near China; a paradise that is quickly being discovered by many travelers both young and old. Macau is older than Hong Kong, and is considered one of Asia’s oldest historical treasures. Macau is an exotic country where a true mix of culture, heritage and class has come together as the old world and the new have converged.

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