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Cotai Strip: The Las Vegas of the East

While you may not have heard of the Cotai Strip yet, chances are high that you would have if you didn’t stumble on this article. The fact is that the Cotai Strip, reclaimed land between Coloane and Taipa islands, is quickly becoming known as the Las Vegas of the East.  One of the reasons is because one of the biggest investors in the area is Las Vegas Sands, which has already opened several casinos and resorts on the strip. They’re making sure that the Cotai Strip has all the excitement and energy as the Las Vegas Strip in the United States, even though it’s halfway around the world in Macau, which was integrated with China about a decade ago.

Five and Six Star Luxury Hotels in Macau

Like the real Las Vegas, the Cotai Strip is experiencing slower growth during the global recession, but work hasn’t halted and every week, the new Vegas of the East continues to shape up, looking more and more like the exterior of the Las Vegas Strip in America. It’s not just the facades that look similar. Beyond the exterior glitz and lights, when you walk into the casinos and resorts on the Cotai Strip, it begins to feel even more like Las Vegas. This is because the hotels are five (and six) star affairs, and the resorts offer top of the line gaming as well as world class entertainment.

Old Europe Mixed with Modern Asia

The best way to describe the Cotai Strip is to say its old Europe mixed with modern Asia and a healthy dose of the glitz and glam of Las Vegas. Located to close to Hong Kong, there’s an Asian yet international flavor to Macau, where the Cotai Strip is located. It’s the mix of different ingredients that makes the area so exciting. In the past there was only one casino owner in the area, but the government has given out more licenses and as a result, Las Vegas Sands, MGM Grand and others have moved into the area. Like the original Las Vegas, this has spurred competition in the area, which is good for growth. It’s also led to each project getting bigger and grander than the last. This is what happened in Las Vegas originally, and bodes well for the Cotai Strip, the New Las Vegas of the East.

One of the Entertainment Capitals of Asia

It doesn’t matter if poker or roulette or blackjack is your game. The Cotai Strip has you covered. And like Las Vegas, it has an even wider variety of games than just the basics. And beyond the gaming action, there’s all the entertainment as well. Just as the original Las Vegas came to be known for the world renowned entertainment acts, the Cotai Strip is quickly becoming known as one of the entertainment capitals of Asia. You can bet the casinos and resorts in the area will try to out-do themselves year after year, just like it happens in Las Vegas. For all these reasons and more, the Cotai Strip is quickly gaining a reputation as the Las Vegas of the East.

The Cotai Strip: Gambling and Entertainment the Chinese Way

Called the “New Vegas in Asia,” the Cotai Strip offers gambling and entertainment Chinese style. If you’re not up on your geography, the Cotai Strip is reclaimed land between the islands of Taipa and Coloane in China. Because those areas are already so densely populated, Cotai was created as a way to increase the tourism industry in the region. Little did people know the Cotai Strip would become so popular with travelers from all over the world. The reason for this is because it has everything Las Vegas has to offer, but it’s in Asia, where things are a little different.

The $2 Billion Dollar City of Dreams Complex

One of the many reasons it’s become so popular over the years is the recent opening of the City of Dreams casino, a $2 billion entertainment complex that houses some of the worlds most advanced and high-tech gaming experiences. While the global economy has affected the Cotai Strip like all other tourism based areas in the world, casinos like City of Dreams are still drawing people out to have a little fun and excitement in the “New Vegas” in Asia. The casino also offers a lot of retail shopping, restaurants and entertainment as well, making it a well-rounded addition to the Cotai Strip area.

Not the only Great Casino on the Cotai Strip

Just across the road, the Venetian Macao is another of Asia’s finest casino resorts. There are others as well. Like Las Vegas, each has its own style, which is a good thing. Whichever casino or resort you decide to visit, you’re doing to get something that is uniquely Asian. From the games to the cuisine, the Cotai Strip offers a genuinely Chinese experience. If you enjoy games and gambling or just want to visit a high-end resort in Asia, the Cotai Strip has a lot to offer. No matter what type of traveler you are, if you’re looking for the Chinese experience, the Cotai Strip is the place to go.

The Cotai Strip offers Las Vegas Excitement and More

While Westerners are certainly welcome at the Cotai Strip, they may be in for some surprises as the area is definitely Asian in flavor and style. If you’ve done Vegas before, the Cotai Strip offers all the excitement of Vegas and more halfway around the world. From the cuisine to the games that are most popular, the Cotai Strip is definitely Asian. Most tourists and travelers who come to the area agree that this is a good thing. If you’re ready for something a little different, the Cotai Strip offers gambling and entertainment with an Asian flavor that makes it that much more fun. For more local maps of Macau and Cotai, click here.

Macau Cotai Strip Hotel Map

While the Cotai Strip isn’t fully completed yet (just like Las Vegas – always changing), some of the biggest investors behind the area say that it is poised to become the New Vegas of Asia in a much quicker time frame. While it took 30 years for Las Vegas to be built up, the same may happen in Asia much quicker. Whether this is a reflection of the population and cultures in this region of the world, or the need for an entertainment mecca in the East, it’s a wonderful thing to experience first-hand.

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