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Hong-Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge Construction

Macau is the only place in china where it is legal to gamble. The prospect to win millions attracts both the Chinese and international tourists into the 33 casinos in the city. In order to guarantee even faster access into Macau, the second longest bridge in the world is currently under construction. The Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge is a 50km above and below ground transportation connection to the 3 major cities of Hong Kong, Macau, and Zhuhui.  The project began in 2009 and is expected to be complete in 2015 with an opening anticipated in 2016.  When complete, a trip into Macau will take only 30 minutes, down from 4.5 hours by car. With the ferry the same trip currently takes about an hour.

Hong-Kong-Zhuhuai-Bridge Construction

The decision to build the bridge and ongoing construction is not without controversy. Opinions have polarized regarding the economic benefit to the region and the environmental impact.  The bridge will make it possible to bypass the Hong Kong area and travel directly to Macau.  While this may be a boom for Macau it also represents an economic loss to Hong Kong. The route of the bridge allegedly poses some environmental impact to the natural beauty of the Hong Kong Macau Tung Chung Bay area.

Macau Already has Double the Revenue of Las Vegas

Gambling in Macau in 24/7 and the atmosphere is surprisingly leger. One will see young adults in Jeans or short trousers, the women with shopping bags just returning from their shopping excesses. However the most profitable games do not take place on the tables, but in the suites of the super-rich, where within one night often 50 Million Hong Kong Dollars will be gambled away. The reason why this is so lucrative is because nearly no one has to pay any taxes.

These facts did lead to the fact that Macau has a double as high revenue as the big brother “Las Vegas”. One manager of the “Venetian” on the Cotai Strip brought it to a point: “Today Macau is still the Las Vegas of the east, but in a few years Las Vegas will be the Macau of the West.”

Macau Access and Accommodation

Macau Airport is connected to countless air routes that connect internationally very well. To reach Macau’s Cotai Strip from the Macau International Airport, use the Turbojet Sea Express. For those with the resources to do so, helicopter service into Macau is available into Macau from Sky Shuttle Hong Kong.  Once you arrive, you won’t go wrong with the 5 star accommodations at the Sofitel Ponte 16.  For more general information about Macau and Macau Tourist information, (official government Macau Tourist information), contact the Macau Tourism Office.

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