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The City of Dreams in Macau's Cotai Strip

While the phrase City of Dreams has been used before, when it comes to the casino and resort known as the City of Dreams in Macau, you can really appreciate why it is called that. It was built in an area of the world that is quickly becoming known as the Las Vegas of the East. Like the real Las Vegas, the Cotai Strip has developers trying to outdo each other, building bigger and more grand buildings. This is where the City of Dreams comes in. It was built across the street from Venetian Macao, one of the first casinos and resorts to open up on the Cotai Strip.

Macau is the only Area in China Where Gambling is Legal

To understand the significance of something like the City of Dreams being built somewhere like the Cotai Strip, you must understand a little more about Macau. It is a a former Portuguese colony that China now controls. It is the only place in China where gambling is legal. This has allowed the Macau tourism industry to skyrocket, with the Cotai Strip quickly becoming known as the New Las Vegas of the East. Also, it was built during what some called the height of the global recession. Against all odds, though, the City of Dreams casino and resort opened to the public on June 1, 2009. It was quite a celebration, making many people happy. From the business owners behind the opening to the tourists who attended the grand opening, everyone was happy.

The Cotai Strip is Growing Faster than Las Vegas

Perhaps it was because of the difficult circumstances that surrounded the development and opening of the City of Dreams that makes the name so relevant. Whatever it is, when it opened, it was welcomed by the public. While gaming revenues and hotel occupancy is down on the Cotai Strip as everywhere else in the world, there’s still enough coming in for growth to happen. The opening of the City of Dreams during one of the toughest financial periods seen by the world in a long time is something special, giving significance to its name. That’s not the only thing that makes the City of Dreams on the Cotai Strip special.

The Crown Jewel of the Cotai Strip is The City of Dreams

The City of Dreams brings together many big brand names, including Hard Rock, Grand Hyatt and Crown. This collaboration is sure to attract people from all over the world, especially since it’s located on the Cotai Strip, which is quickly becoming known as the Las Vegas of the East. The crown jewel of the City of Dreams is the 420,000 square foot casino. With nearly two thousand gambling tables and machines, there’s enough to accommodate the many people who are sure to flock to this modern marvel of architecture. The City of Dreams faced a lot of obstacles while it was being designed and built, but it has all come together according to plan. The City of Dreams added a little to the mystique of the Cotai Strip, adding to its reputation of being the New Las Vegas of Asia.

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