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Experience Macau's Cultural Renaissance

Destinations change and Macau China, the former Portuguese colony off the south coast of China, is undergoing a dramatic renaissance. Its colonial buildings have been restored; Numerous Las Vegas style casinos with entertainment as their primary focus have been recently constructed along with 4 and 5 star luxury hotels in Macau. Fisherman's Wharf, a new development that combines shopping, entertainment, restaurants, convention and water sports facilities, is giving Macau tourism a new lease on life. With a unique and blend Portuguese and Chinese influences, the small territory of Macau is ready to show off to tourists from every corner of the world. It’s an excellent time to plan a trip to Macau.

Getting to Macau usually involve a ferry ride from Hong Kong or Kowloon, although the Macau airport offers flights to mainland China and many other cities in Southeast Asia. Once in Macau, getting around is easier, as everything in Macau is fairly close together. Macau is easily explored by foot, on bicycles, or even by pedicabs. Taxis in Macau are cheap, with the longest ride across Macau costing under about $15.

Cultural Exploration, Casinos, Food, and Shopping

A trip to Macau offers cultural exploration, casinos, food, and shopping. History and architecture buffs will love walking tours. Everywhere, the former Portuguese colonial legacy intertwines sinuously with Chinese ancestry. During the day you can spend time sightseeing the fabulous, gardens, temples, Baroque churches, fortresses, beaches, museums, and historic areas. Modern developments are fast proliferating, you'll be able to find lively indoor and outdoor cafes, take time to enjoy a volcano ride at Fisherman’s Wharf, the bungee trampoline or Skywalk at the Macau Tower, or a nightly fountain.

Macau is World Famous for Its Casinos

But when the sun sets, remember, Macau is famous for its casinos, which have now more than tripled the gross revenue of casinos in Las Vegas! At night the city bristles with energy. For stylish and serious high rollers, it's party time. Gambling has always been forbidden in Hong Kong, and so Macau has made a whole industry out of setting up huge casinos for Hong Kong visitors. There are many casinos in Macau now and more are being built by Las Vegas financiers. Some of them are within walking distance. From the ferry pier, there are free shuttle buses to virtually all the hotels and casinos in Macau. And taxis are also very cheap. But from the pier, you can also walk to the Sands Macau in 10 minutes. Next door is the Mandarin Oriental. Then if you cross the street, you'll find the Galaxy, then the Pharaoh (inside Landmark Hotel), and finally Hotel Lisboa. Try your hand with Lady Luck, but save some Patacas for dinner!

Food Fusion from Macau's Blended Community

Food in Macao restaurants is a fusion of the creations and experiments of a voyaging community, so there is some adventure for your palate! In Africa and India, the Macanese learned the art of spice, resulting in some of Macau’s most popular dishes like African and Goan’s chicken and piquant prawns, baked or grilled with peppers and chilies. Some Macau restaurant ingredients, such as the Portuguese sausage and sardines, are imports. Local produce from the fertile Pearl River Delta and South China Sea is woven into the mix, bringing to the table quail, pigeon, duck, fresh vegetables, Macao sole, African chicken and enormous juicy prawns.

Macau Duty Free Shopping Bargains

Whether you are a bargain hunter, an antique collector, or a committed browser, Macau offers much when it comes to shopping. Macao is a free port, so items are purchased at duty-free prices, and no sales tax applies. Add to that a favorable exchange rate (a US dollar buys you just over eight Macau Pacatas) and the fact that bargaining is expected and the norm. Thus you can purchase and save while buying beautiful Chinese silks and fashionable garments, antiques, toys, curiosities, and other items by which to remember your trip to Macau.

Macau Year Round Outdoor Activities

Sports are on the rise in Macau, and Macau weather supports many outdoor activities year-round. There are beaches, pools, hiking trails, the Macau Golf and Country Club, go-karting on Coloane Island, and even a Grand Prix Museum. Thus, a holiday or vacation in Macau offers something for everyone, so book a hotel in Macau today and experience one of the world's most exciting and culturally enticing cities!

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