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Macau; Where Old World and New Converge

Macau is a real Asian destination that is near China; a paradise that is quickly being discovered by many travelers both young and old. Macau is older than Hong Kong, and is considered one of Asia’s oldest historical treasures. Macau is an exotic country where a true mix of culture, heritage and class has come together as the old world and the new have converged.

Take a Walk on Macau's Cobblestone Roads

Macau is an architectural history map where the cobble stone, bricked, and hand laid roads still are used throughout much of the country. Macau is a country where you can rest, relax, and leave your troubles of the bustling world far behind.

Antique Churches and Colonial Mansions

Huge antique churches stand as a monument to the history and the culture that the Macau people are comprised of. Traveling through Macau you will find grand colonial mansions that the riches have lived in and that still remaining standing today.

Treasures of Macau Just a Short Walk from your Hotel

Hotels in Macau are located in the more modern sections of the country, but all the sights, history and the treasures of the Macau culture are only a short drive or walk from your hotel. You can walk for hours through the open-air plazas in Macau where you can buy a new dress, find an exquisite piece of jewelry or you can buy something for dinner at one of numerous fine Macau dining establishments with exceptional cuisine.

Macau Nightlife and Exquisite Cuisine

The evenings in Macau offer seafood, festivals, shopping, dances, music, and much more as the people of Macau are celebrating life with a variety of different foods such as Cantonese, Macanese, African, and even Brazilian type restaurants.

The Old World and the New Come Together in Macau

Near the most modern hotels in Macau, amusement parks, shopping centers, casinos, and theme parks are in the process of growing as tourism in Macau grows as well. With all the convenience of the largest cities, the little country of Macau has the bridges, buildings, and hotels that can accommodate all the needs of travelers, for both business and pleasure.

Enjoy the Macau Beaches and Water Sports

Macau is an island land mass that was formed by the combination of two separate islands in the South China Sea. Macau offers all the wonders of water sports from fishing, surfing, boating, deep sea diving, skiing and scuba diving among other things. The whole family can take trips from the hotel to the beach for a great day in the sun.

Getting to Macau by Air

The Macau International Airport located in Taipa, is only minutes from Macau and allows travelers to come and go with ease in reaching their destinations. Macau Hotels are typically difficult to get into on the weekends and over Macau Public Holidays. During the week there are generally more Macau hotels that have vacancies.

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